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Seshadri Casuba
July 15, 1933 - August 8, 2018

Seshadri Casuba

Seshadri Casuba
Jul 15, 1933 - Aug 8, 2018

Seshadri Casuba
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SUN PRAIRIE- C.G. Seshadri, age 85, of Seshadripuram, Bengaluru, India passed away on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at Madison, WI. He was born on July 15, 1933 in Bengaluru, India, the son of Anandama and Gopalakrishnan. He married A.R. Sridevi on November 18, 1963 in Bengaluru, India.

Seshadri graduated with a B.E. in Civil Engineering in 1957 from the Bangalore Government Engineering College. He was a structural engineer and spent most of his career with Ebasco working on designs for suspension bridges and nuclear power plants. His office was in the World Trade Center.

He immigrated to the US in 1969 and six months later, his wife and daughters joined him. He lived in NY until 2007 where he built a lifetime of friendships and sheltered extended family as they immigrated in the coming decades. He loved New York and was very involved with the Kannada Koota Association where he served as treasurer and secretary, He took part in many cultural activities and loved being part of the drama performances.

He was an avid cricket player and played for the Karnataka State team, winning the Ranji trophy. He loved Carnatic music. In his later life, he grew to also enjoy western jazz and classical music. His favorite singer was M.S. Subbalakshmi.

He is survived by his wife Sridevi; daughters Smitha Seshadri (Gregory Grene) and Svetha Hetzler (Mark Hetzler); and granddaughters Monika, Marisa, and Andi. He was preceded in death by his mother, Anandama; father Gopalakrishnan; and siblings Srinivasan, Jaya, Kausalya, Narasima, Nagalakshmi, and Srimati.

Private services will be held.

Message: "Be good, do good."

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Sridhar and Uma on Aug 16, 2018

Sridhar and Uma
Seshadri was a very dear and affectionate friend. We miss him. He lived 2 doors down from me in Ranchi when he started in 1963. He was an icon among all the Ranchi friends. He was active in cricket, Kannada Sangha and many other activities. We had formed a cricket club called AWESPIN..( Australia, West Indies, England, South Africa, Pakistan, India, New Zealand). Whenever we met we talked about the wonderful and memorable cricket matches. His uniqueness was that he was able to relate to young and old alike. He remembered everyone's stories to the last detail and he would relate them to us. After coming through some major health problems, he led a full life pursuing his interests. He spent the last several years writing about Bangalore history and subjects of interest to him. We remember the way he told jokes with a subtle smile and a twinkle in his eyes. Sridevi, Smitha and Swetha, please accept our deepest condolences.



R.Parashurama on Aug 13, 2018

Dear Seshadri Family, We are sorry that he is no longer here. He was an unassuming wonderful human being and a friend.....Parashurama, Nirmala & Family

Karuna Casuba on Aug 12, 2018

Chechu Peripa - my very very dear uncle! I'm so glad to be related to this wonderful person! I was very fortunate to spend quality time with him and my dear Siri Peripa at their Bangalore residence. Every conversation with him was filled with such lovely experiences, cricket, music, love for MS Subbalakshmi and above all love for his family. There was so much to learn from him - his discipline, his perseverance, his sense of humour, his patience, his love and warmth for everyone. Ever since we watched the movie Jodha Akbar together, he would call me Jodha with utmost affection! Even in your absence, I can hear you call me 'Jodha'. I'm so glad my son, Kabir had the opportunity to meet you and receive your ashirvadam. Peripa - you are loved so dearly and you will be missed enormously! Thank you for all your love, blessings and most of all memories of a lifetime.
Regards, loads of love and a biiig hug,
Your Jodha (Karuna)

Karuna Casuba on Aug 12, 2018

Love you Chechu Peripa!

Svetha Hetzler on Aug 12, 2018


Lakshman Gambhir on Aug 11, 2018

Our dear friend Seshadri: It is with great sadness to learn that we have lost my dear friend Seshadri. We Knew each other for such a very long time: since our happy, carefree days in Ranchi. Then we continued our friendship in NYC with our families when we all emigrated together.

It was always a pleasure to be with him because we shared the same kind of background and could laugh at similar things that we had experienced. He was such an amicable friend and I enjoyed his company very much.

We pray to God that his soul may rest in peace.
We already miss his presence in our lives.

Sushee and Gambhir

Jayanthi and Murali Iyer on Aug 11, 2018

Words cannot express our admiration, love and respect for dear Seshadri. Even though it has been only about twelve years since we were blessed with the friendship of this amazing couple “SiriChechu” a.k.a Sridevi and Seshadri, we have felt as if we have known them all our lives. Seshadri and Sridevi, with their abundant “akshaya paatre” of love, embraced us as their own from the moment we shook hands with this role-model couple at a dance recital in UW Union South. After having blazed a pioneering path for many decades as daring Indian immigrants into the NY area, this awesome, ever-young couple had recently moved to Madison, and we were fortunate enough to be among the first few Kannada-speaking Bangaloreans that they ran into in their new home city. It was love and friendship at first sight for us.

For Jayanthi, Seshadri quickly became the father figure she had been missing ever since she prematurely lost her own dad back in the early 90’s. Seshadri and Jayanthi’s dad had common friends because of their Cricketing background (Jayanthi’s dad was an International umpire who officiated in Test matches).

Seshadri, an accomplished cricketer who as an unplayable leg-spinner and gifted batsman with twinkling footwork and a treasure of run-scoring strokes, had an absolutely amazing track record at a very young age (while still a student in the university). I am convinced that he could have been a star for Team India, if only he had not cut short his sporting aspirations to pursue academics and a professional career in Structural Engineering. Indian Cricket’s loss became New York’s and US’s gain. Seshadri and Sridevi transplanted to the east coast of the US within a few years of getting married. But, over all those decades, Seshadri had not lost his passion for Cricket. Even as recently as the 2010’s, Seshadri’s enthusiasm for playing Cricket was there for all to see. At MAKKA summer picnics, a major attraction for all of us, men and women alike, were the Cricket matches that Seshadri led, played in and/or served as an unbiased and strict umpire. Seshadri’s game was pleasing to the eyes, and his antics and witty comments made for some good laughs. Lately, Seshadri had stopped following Indian Cricket due to all the scandals, arrogance and slam-bang approach that have become rampant. There was more than a touch of sadness and disappointment in Seshadri’s tone and body language on the rare occasion when he responded to my prodding on matters Cricket-related.

Seshadri’s sense of humor and love for a good joke was always bubbling not under the surface but in plain sight in his twinkling eye and his trademark, ever-ready smile. He loved a good laugh! One could count on even a normal conversation with him to turn out to be belly-laugh-inducing exchange. Sridevi knew that many a time, something she said or did would be at the core of his witty remarks, and did not mind it one bit. She indulged her dear husband and those of us trying to hide our laughs for fear of being asked what we were laughing about. She has her own share of Seshadri-jokes, be it the way he used to bring the afternoon (romantic) coffee on a tray that he carried as if it was a grenade he could not afford to let slip out of his hands; or, his selective hearing — jaaNa kivuDu — that he conveniently resorted to when he did not want to respond to a self-incriminating query. All in great humor, of course. SiriChechu, an amazing couple who knew each other like they were two bodies sharing one soul.

Whenever planning started for a MAKKA get together, we could be guaranteed that the first two items on Seshadri’s list of things we should present to the audience at the event were (1.) a humorous skit he would script, and (2). a well-researched talk on the topic for the get together, be it Kannada Rajyotsava or Deepavali or Ugadi or Sankranthi. Seshadri painstakingly did his research, drafted the story and shared with some of us for review, feedback and finalization. We knew better than to suggest any edits, of course. 😜 And, on the day of the celebration, Seshadri nervously prepared like a kid getting ready for his or her performance on the school stage. But once he went on stage, his inner dramatist took over and regaled us with his performances. Ah, Chechu!

We will never see another Seshadri in our lives, but dear Chechu will always remain in our hearts and memories. His enthusiasm for life enthused us to live every moment to the fullest. We will miss you and your cheerful presence on this earth, dearest Seshadri. But, M.S. Subbulakshmi is the lucky one, as she can enjoy your constant company now, instead of making an appearance in your dreams during your afternoon siestas. Love you, young man!

dwarku on Aug 11, 2018

I am tremulous to offer a tribute to Seshanna, as I endearingly addressed him, during our seven year life together in Ranchi 50 years ago, and later 20 years in Flushing and New York, wherein I shared my life with my loving life radha and Sridevi and his family, or the Gokulastami food Sridevi prepared, the most memorable times were the times I spent in the cricket field in Ranchi India. I have to cite here now his cricket extraordinary skills craftsmanship, leadership, and respect he gathered from his competitors, were that I could never forget. His cricket-batting skills , extraordinary late-cuts through the slips, square-cuts, step-up cover-drives, sweeps and those leg spinners a bowling skill that he was well known for in the cricket world of state of Mysore and the tournament of Ranji Trophy.
There is something many do not talk about, his cricketing tenure in Delhi, playing for iftikar alikhan pataudi’s team in Delhi during 1950s. That team had only international standard cricket players I was told, he would confirm it shyly with his polite smile. Then I remember the cricket match in ranchi we always reminisced together the last wicket century partnership we had together, that he scored 100 runs and I the first improbable one at his coaxing “ dwaarrrkoo Rrunnn Ruunn”. I watched him score 100 runs in 10 overs, taking a run in the last ball so I could not face another ball anymore, all that I had to do was run that last ball run and watch his glorious strokes and share that story whenever we met in our 40 and odd life later. I had half a dozen life health distresses, I hopped skipped and jumped and came out alive. But I missed meeting him and Sridevi over 20 and odd years. I bet you Seshanna you have a cricket bat there with you there now wherever you are with Pataudi.

Vasu Rao on Aug 11, 2018

Seshadri was one of the most pleasant, friendly and charming persons one can ever encounter in this world. His wide smile would put anybody at ease, a quality hard to possess. The very mention of the game of Cricket would transport his thoughts to a different world altogether, because, next to Sridevi and his family Cricket was ther life! He was an exceptional cricketer, an all rounder of par excellence. I was fortunate to have played with him for a few years during our working years in Ranchi. No words will suffice to express my sincere gratitude to him for his spontaneous efforts and advice while I tried to relocate my life from India to US. Pray God give Sridevi and his family strength to bear this irreparable loss. May his soul Rest In Peace.

Ashok Madhav on Aug 10, 2018

We were saddened to hear of Sri Seshadri passing away. though we lived in different
cities and were not able to interact frequently but every occasion we happened to meet we were greeted warmly and had the most pleasant time together. We found him to be a warm hearted and kind individual. Our condolences go out to Sridevi, his two children and grandchildren. May his soul rest in peace Ashok and Shobha Madhav

Susheeela G Rao and Bhavani G Rao on Aug 10, 2018

So sorry to hear about Seshadri Uncle. Uncle was happiness, joy and sunshine. He always had a kind word for everyone and a big Smile. He kind temperament and loving soul will always be treasured. Love and condolences to Sridevi Aunty, Smitha, Svetha and the whole family.

Bhagya Chari on Aug 10, 2018

We are sorry to know the sudden demise of our dear friend C. G. Seshadri. Our sincere condolences to Sridevi, Smitha, Svetha and their family. We always remember Sheshadri and Sridevi for their kindness and helpful nature.

When I first arrived to USA in December 1978 with my two sons, Seshadri was there at the airport to take us home and invite us for lunch at their home. It is still very green in my memory.

Seshadri and Sridevi provided us valuable guidance, assistance whenever we needed, especially when we were new to US. We are always grateful for their help.

May his soul rest in peace.

Bhagya chari and Gopal Chari

Gururaja G Raogitaguru on Aug 10, 2018

I am stunned to learn of the demise of my friend Seshadri Casuba. He was ever ready to help any one in need. A great loss to his family and to the entire Kannada community.

Naveen and Prabhu on Aug 10, 2018

*Beloved Chechu*
God looked around his garden and found an empty place
He then looked down upon the Earth and saw your tired face
He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest
With the help of his angels they flew you to your heavenly place
Gods garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best
He knew you were suffering, he knew you were in pain
He knew that you would never get well on Earth again
He saw the road was getting rough and the hills too hard to climb
He closed your weary eyelids and whispered “Peace be Thine”
It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone
For part of us went with you the day God called you home.

Your last memorable whisper in my ears on the 1st of August 2018
“ Prabhu, I’m Improving and very Happy Today”
Will remain in memory forever

Naveen & Prabhu

Sathish & Rashmi on Aug 9, 2018

Dear Sri. Seshadri was a father figure to me and many Gen X of Madison Kannada Koota. Among his many virtues, a few that stood out for me were his wit, respect and love for all, simplicity, and love for ಸಿರಿಗನ್ನಡ. We were truly blessed to have known him and truly a role model for many. 🙏🙏

AnuradhaAmarendra on Aug 9, 2018

We are lucky to have Seshadri in our lives. No matter what was the situation he had an infectious smile and made us smile too. I have known him for 67 years since the college days. Besides his love of Cricket he loved classical music and writing both In English and Kannada. He loved to be with people and family. He will remain in our hearts for ever.

BK Balaram on Aug 9, 2018

CandleHandsome Man and had a Wonderful Life. He was one of the few souls that made me wonder what it was to live.



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