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Caroline Elizabeth Nosal
May 1, 1991 - February 2, 2016

Caroline Elizabeth Nosal

Caroline Elizabeth Nosal
May 1, 1991 - Feb 2, 2016

Caroline Elizabeth Nosal
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In Loving Memory

Caroline Elizabeth Nosal, 24, died unexpectedly February 2nd as a result of gun violence. She was born May 1, 1991 in Rockford, IL to parents James M. Nosal and Jane Brady Nosal.

Caroline had a giving disposition and a love of animals. Her heart enveloped others around her, reaching out to others in their times of isolation and need. She was deeply loved by her friends and family.
With a keen mind, Caroline was an avid reader. She graduated from Sun Prairie High School in 2010 and attended college at Madison Area Technical College. An accomplished figure skater, and equestrian, Caroline's other interests included working with animals at the Humane Society, playing video games, and watching favorite TV series like Star Trek or Monty Python. She was employed at Metro Market, where she was an assistant produce manager.

She is survived by her parents, her sister, Amy, her long time friend Ethan Boyles, maternal grandfather, Robert Brady, her paternal grandparents, Fred and Pat Nosal, and multiple aunts, uncles and cousins, and Bailey, her beloved Goldendoodle.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at St. Albert the Great Catholic Church, 2420 St. Albert Drive, Sun Prairie, on Monday, February 8, 2016, at 11:00 am with Monsignor Larry M. Bakke presiding and Monsignor Terrence Connors, as concelebrant. The visitation will be held on Sunday, February 7th, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Cress Funeral Home, 1310 Emerald Terrace, Sun Prairie. There will be no visitation at the church on Monday.

In lieu of flowers, a page has been established in her memory at, and a book drive has been organized at Metro Market.

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Healing Registry on Feb 4, 2016

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Eric Guelker on Feb 8, 2016

Jim and family, we are sorry to hear about your tragic loss. Our condolences to you and your family. We will keep you in our prayers. Eric & Theresa Guelker

Don Buttery on Feb 8, 2016

We did not know Caroline, but wish to extend our condolences to our Dr. James Nosal and his family. There can be nothing more devastating for a parent than to bury ones child. Our hearts and prayers go out to you. May God give you His peace. Sincerely, Don Buttery and Joanne Johnson

Elizabeth Caroline Ray on Feb 8, 2016

To Jane and family,
When I realized it was your daughter waves of grief came over me for the mother who so generously extended herself with a visit to my garden. From that day you were more than a passing neighbor, but a friend. Oh, how my heart goes out to your family at this terribly difficult time. You are in my prayers. May God comfort you with the glorious memories of what has been and what will be.

Lisa Potts on Feb 8, 2016

CandleDr Nosal, Mrs. Nosal and Amy-my deepest sympathies at the loss of your daughter, sister and friend. When I heard the last name I wanted to believe it wasn't someone related to you, Dr. Nosal. My heart broke when I learned it was your daughter. I have watched the girls grow up through the years at the clinic as a patient of yours. Words escape me, other than I am lifting you and your family in prayer, today and for months or years to come. I am just so very sorry for your loss. In Christ, Lisa

Joe Hall on Feb 8, 2016

Jim, growing up with you, knowing your Family, work ethic, and set of values where doing right is more than a phrase, it is the code of ethics by which you live, it is hard to learn of your tragic loss. We, your classmates, team mates, and childhood friends stand next to you, Jane, and Amy in thought and prayer. Caroline's smile tells us all who she was and how we all just lost one of tomorrows champions in life.

Brenda Molina on Feb 8, 2016

CandleDr Nosal
Deepest sympathies to you and your family during this difficult time. Prayers are with you.
Brenda Molina & Jaryd Jenkins on Feb 8, 2016

CandleJim and Jane, I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss. Your family is our prayers.

John and Carol Otterson on Feb 8, 2016

Jim, Jane, and Amy. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. My memory of Caroline is of she and Amy coming to the clinic to "work" with Dad. Always a smile on her face that would lighten up a day!! Praying for you and your entire family. John and Carol Otterson

Susie Johnson on Feb 8, 2016

Caroline was a breath of fresh air, in the work place, always smiling, and doing things for other people, to make someone feel good, to lighten someones day, she loved animals, always capturing a wounded bunnie or bird, to take home and nurse back to health... she will be missed by all who knew her.

Mary Lee on Feb 7, 2016

I, too, am a stranger but was devastated to hear of Caroline's death. She was a gem as I have noted from those who have given tributes. She was very loved by family and friends. Continued prayers for all of you. My deepest sympathy.

Deborah Lathrop on Feb 7, 2016

To the Family of Caroline Nosa - I am a stranger to you all - but as a mother, as a person, I am so very sorry for your loss, for our world's loss of Caroline, and for the loss of the future as you hoped it to unfold for her. I just wanted you to know that even strangers are thinking of you during this horrendous time.

Deborah Lathrop, Iowa

Sue Stanek on Feb 7, 2016

CandleTreasure her short life of wonderful memories and take time to process the steps of healing.

Liz Dushack-Georgi on Feb 7, 2016

Dr. Nosal. Know that my family's prayers, love and heartfelt sympathy are with your family at this time. Liz Dushack-Georgi

Terrie Thorstad on Feb 7, 2016

Nosal Family- Our thoughts are with you as you mourn the loss of Caroline. Our daughter Samantha went to school with Caroline starting at Eastside. We will always remember Caroline as spunky & vivacious. We hope you can take some comfort in the support from your friends & Sun Prairie community.
Rick, Terrie & Samantha Thorstad

Karyn Nosal Thompson on Feb 7, 2016

Jim, so sorry to hear about Caroline. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Karyn Nosal Thompson

Cal Bruce on Feb 7, 2016

We are so deeply sorry for your family at this time of sudden and horrible loss. Cal Bruce and Cathy Caro-Bruce

Paul Breitnauer on Feb 7, 2016

heartfelt condolences from a former patient. requiescat in pace. sincerely,

kathy Jo Locke on Feb 6, 2016

Our thoughts and prayers are with at this difficult time. Former patients of yours The Wayne and Kathy Locke family May peace be with you.

Judy McNamara on Feb 6, 2016

You do not know me nor do I know you. However, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy to all who knew and loved Caroline. It is because of the grace of God my family is not mourning a loss such as you are. My Grandson was inside the store working when this horrendous and violent act was committed upon Caroline. I will pray for her and for all who knew and cared for her. May she rest in peace until you see her again. Sincerely, Judy McNamara

Zane and Renee Anderson on Feb 6, 2016

Jim & Jane, we were heartbroken to learn of the passing of your sweet Caroline. Our love and prayers surround you. Zane and Renee Anderson

Faye and Wayne Hammen on Feb 6, 2016

Dear Dr. Nosal,

As patients of yours over twenty years or so, we had a unique way of seeing your girls grow up - by the photos you proudly displayed in your office. On occasion, when asked, you would speak of them; always with a big smile and twinkle in your eyes. So, it was especially heart breaking to learn that it was your daughter who was so tragically lost this week. Our deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. May the support and love from family and community comfort you as you go through this. We all hurt with you and for you. We will keep you in our hearts and prayers. God Bless.

Faye and Wayne Hammen

Alan and Laurie Schwartzstein on Feb 6, 2016

Jim and Jane, Laurie and I were shocked when we learned of your loss yesterday. We can not even fathom the pain and loss that you are experiencing right now. We know how much you love both of your children, and what caring individuals that you are as humans. May G-d guide you through the coming days, weeks, and months. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you, and with Amy, and the entire Sun Prairie community.

Alan and Laurie Schwartzstein

Carrie Gill on Feb 6, 2016

CandleReading Caroline's story was bittersweet for me. My best friend and twin sister Amy Kathryn Chesbro was shot and killed outside her workplace in 2010. She was only 35. I know how traumatic and unexpected this is to your family. Like my twin Amy, Caroline seems like an amazing person. I am sure she was/is the light of your lives. I am sure she knew (and knows in Heaven) how special she was and is to you. Sending prayers and love in this awful time of grief - Carrie Elizabeth (Chesbro) Gill

Paul A Searles on Feb 5, 2016

Jane and Jim--You have got to know that we cry many times during the day and night for this senseless act. Some of each of we parents have lost a part of our soul on that day. I can only cry with you and hold you when ready.. all our love to you

Susan Katana on Feb 5, 2016

CandleDear Jim, Jane & Amy, Our family is so deeply sadden by the sudden, and untimely loss of your beloved Caroline. May Our Heavenly Father bring you peace, and comfort through this difficult time. You are in our thoughts, and prayers. We send our love, and know that although miles apart, we are here for you! Our love, Rob, Susan, Matthew, Aaron, Christopher

Karen Reno on Feb 5, 2016

Dr. Nosal, Jane & Amy,
So very saddened to hear of your loss. My son Jake was working the 11pm-7am shift that night and assisted the pm officers with their investigation. It didn't seem possible to me that something like this could happen so close to home and to someone I knew. My heart & prayers go out to you and your family. Karen Reno, former nurse to Drs. Syty & Aughey, Dean Sun Prairie Clinic.

Kristi Huberd on Feb 5, 2016

CandleMy thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of loss. I had the priviledge of meeting and talking a few times with Caroline when herself and Ethan lived at Stoughton Arms Apartments in Stoughton I was her neighbor that lived downstairs. RIP Caroline you will never be forgotten your life was cut way to short. Kristi Huberd #114

Jean Mohr on Feb 5, 2016

Jim, Jane & Amy--
I am so sorry for everyone's loss of Caroline. I will never forget her bright spirit and toothless smile when attending preschool at Sacred Hearts with my son, Calvin. The two of them traveled the in same direction for many years, attending Sacred Hearts preschool, Eastside, Patrick Marsh, Sun Prairie High School and then off to MATC. We always saw each other at the big occasions in our children's lives. She will always remain special in our eyes! God bless this beautiful angel, Jean Mohr and Calvin Mohr

darlene holik on Feb 5, 2016

Dearest Dr. Nosal,
I am so saddened to hear of your loss. Losing a child is the worst thing that a parent will ever have to face. You have helped me with my own grief in the past while I was your patient, and although it will never go away, it will get easier with time. I promise. I received the below poem shortly after I lost my own daughter, and it still holds a special place in my heart, ten years later...

Don't worry, no one else sees it, I promise. To the rest of the world, you're fine. But when you've been there, you can't miss it.I see it in your eyes. That awful, combustible mixture of heart-wrenching pain and abject fear. God, I remember the fear.I see it in the weight of that invisible cloak that you wear. I remember the coarseness of its fabric on my skin. Like raw wool in the middle of the desert. You see, it was mine for a time.I never would have wanted to pass it on to you, my love. I remember so well suffocating under the weight of it, struggling for breath, fighting to throw it off while wrapping myself in its awful warmth, clutching its worn edges for dear life.I know that it feels like it's permanent, fixed. But one day down the line you will wake up and find that you've left it next to the bed. Eventually, you'll hang it in the closet. You'll visit it now and then. You'll try it on for size. You'll run your fingers over the fabric and remember when you lived in it, when it was constant, when you couldn't take it off and leave it behind. But soon days will go by before you wear it again, then weeks, then months.I know you are staring down what looks to be an impossibly steep road to travel. I know it looks like an immovable mountain. It is not. I know you don't believe me, but step by step you will climb until suddenly, without warning, you will look down. You will see how far you've come. You'll breathe. I promise. You might even be able to take in the view.You will doubt yourself. You won't trust your instincts right away. You will be afraid that you don't have the capacity to be what your family will need you to be. Worse, you'll think that you don't even know what they need you to be. You do. I promise. You will.When you became a mother, you held that tiny baby in your arms and in an instant, she filled your heart. You were overwhelmed with love. The kind of love you never expected. The kind that knocks the wind out of you. The kind of all encompassing love that you think couldn't possibly leave room for any other. But it did.That's how it happens. When you need capacity you find it. Your heart expands. It just does. It's elastic. I promise.You are so much stronger than you think you are. Trust me. I know you. Hell, I am you. -
Lovingly -
Your friend, patient and fellow bereaved parent -
Darlene Holik

Kathleen Hoppe on Feb 5, 2016

Jim, Jane and Amy
When I heard Caroline's name, I kept thinking it couldn't be her. I've been sorting pictures and seeing her on Jane's hip at the Oxford Street block parties. Sweet little baby, so loved, so wanted. Her death leaves a gaping hole that I know you will all feel forever. It's the very worst. I hope that you will feel embraced by the many, many, many people who feel the hurt, anger and senselessness of this.

Richard Rohde on Feb 5, 2016

Jim, Jane and Amy, our heart felt condolences for the tragic loss of Caroline. The Rohdes, Dick, Pam, Rick and Jim.

Leonard Go on Feb 5, 2016

My condolences for your loss.

Kevin Webster on Feb 4, 2016

CandleDear, Parents of Caroline; I wish to express my sincere and whole hearted condolences to you of the loss of this awesome,vibrant woman. Though I have only known Caroline this past year, I feel I have lost a daughter myself. She was always smiling and had an awesome work ethic. I worked with her mostly to close the store and I could always count on Caroline to see that her responsibilities were complete. She could cheer you up if you were down and knew what a friend was. I will miss her greatly, the gal who walked and read books regular, and was able to make me smile every day. I ask the Lord to greet her with open arms and though her life was cut short know she will always be with you in your heart and memories. I know she will be in mine. May God bless you and your family in this trying time.

Laurie and Jim Rohleder on Feb 4, 2016

CandleJane and Jim, you are in our hearts and prayers. I cannot even begin to understand your loss. JIM and I wish we could be there with you. Much love to you all.

William Hines on Feb 4, 2016

Dear parents of Caoline Elizabeth;

It is only befitting to send my deepest and sincere condolences at the loss of your daughter Caroline Elizabeth. Life is such a precious gift and your daughters untimely departure from God's green earth is sad and joyous at the same time. We grieve for Caroline but she has the opportunity to see our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May God's love shine down on you during this time of grief and comfort you all. If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to call or visit our humble home, our house is yours.
In the meantime our prayers and thoughts are with you.

The Hines's William, Melissa, Savannah, our dogs Bandit, Coal and Smokey.
William Hines.
Husband of your former co-worker Melissa Mae Hines,
Receptionist, Family Practice Dean/St. Mary's Clique,
Sun Prairie, WI. 608-846=1976 Home phone
Home address 617 Chokecherry Trail, Deforest WI. 53532

Diane Daulton on Feb 4, 2016

Amy - so sorry to hear about your tragedy. Our hearts go out to you and your family.

Diana Kasbaum on Feb 4, 2016

I am so sorry to hear about the tragic loss of dear Caroline. The smile on her photo reminds me of that energetic, smart, avid reader ten year old in my 4th grade class at Eastside Elementary. Many prayers and much love to family and friends at this difficult time.



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