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Personalized Gatherings


From firework displays to lakeside memorials, families are moving toward more colorful, personalized ways to say goodbye to loved ones. Such services often include familiar music, the treasured cookie recipe, family photographs, mementos, collections and hobbies that celebrate the individuality of their loved one. Cress funeral directors are also helping grieving families plan themed gatherings and receptions. With reception areas at the Cress facilities and catering services, an event can be created that will long be remembered. We can make suggestions that will enhance your ideas and create fitting and memorable tributes for your family and friends to begin the healing process.

Your Healing Place

Concierge Services

Family members coming in from out of town? Coordinating all the details of a funeral and family gathering can be challenging. We can help open the doors for you with help arranging lodging, banquets, transportation or meeting facilities. We’re here to help you during this difficult time.

Where can we have our service?

Sometimes special people and special circumstances demand a special place for the funeral service. Your service could be at the family home, a favorite park, a banquet hall, your workplace or school. This type of service requires more planning, but at Cress Funeral Service we are dedicated to creating a personalized and meaningful service for you and your loved ones.


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The bagpipe can be played in any combination of the following:

  • The Church, piping into and out of the church or as part of the service.
  • The Cemetery, processing to the grave or chapel and after the ceremony as a salute.
  • The Funeral Home, leading the deceased out or as a salute at the visitation.
  • Memorial Service, at the funeral home, church, cemetery or a location of your choosing.

Suggested songs include: Amazing Grace, O’ Danny Boy and When Irish Eyes are Smiling.

Music Selections

Families who are grieving over the loss of their loved ones entertain, in their own hearts, a multitude of feelings good and sad, calling to mind not only the immediate grief of loss but also a nostalgic remembrance of good times shared together. In our daily lives many of us are brought together by music; a favorite song perhaps; a music style that reminds us of home and family; religious songs that help lift our hearts and minds to spiritual acceptance in a faith-filled celebration.Some of the ways that music can help create a funeral ceremony that will be meaningful to you; your family and your friends include using musicians such as bagpiper, harpist, organist or soloist. Cress Funeral Service can help you plan for any type of music or performance during the visitation, service or memorial celebration.

Video Tribute

Each life tells a story in pictures and in music. As we remember the laughter, tears, joy and pain we pay tribute to those we have lost. Video Tribute’s are a collection of pictures that fade in and out, rollover and blend together through a sequence. Video Tribute’s turn static photos into a life tribute and allow families and friends to take a journey through the life of someone they loved. Video Tribute’s also enhance the traditional services and visitations. DVD copies of the video tribute can be a lasting memory and help significantly in the grieving process.

Photography and Videography

The rituals, reunions and special moments that take place during a service can be recorded and shared with those unable to attend. Consider asking Cress to help with this. We can arrange for professional photographers and videographers along with the necessary equipment to share your special tribute at a later date.

The Last Ride

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Tombstone Hearse Company is offering services for an alternative farewell ride for the motorcycle enthusiasts or for people looking for a unique way to be sent off on their final journey. We will take the time to go on a favorite road or pass a sentimental place, which makes this personalization option so unique. All Tombstone Hearses transport standard and oversized caskets. The coaches can also be equipped to safely transport urns for cremation ceremonies. Cress Funeral Service will be happy to help arrange this service through one of qualified funeral directors or you can arrange privately.

Procession Options

A funeral procession can be a tribute to, an expression of the life that was lived. With planning, processions could include a motorcycle or bicycle escort, tractors, fire trucks or even a marching band. At Cress Funeral Service, we are committed to working with you to make your procession meaningful to you and those participating in the service.

Horse & Carriage Options

At Cress Funeral Service we believe that the “paying of final respect” should be as unique and memorable as the lives we seek to honor. The horse-drawn hearse creates a stately atmosphere and a pace that encourages meaningful reflection prior to the farewell service. Your Cress Funeral Director can help you make the necessary contacts and complete planning to incorporate this into your service.

Military Honors

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In addition to helping families arrange a military funeral, Cress Funeral Service is helping more families personalize the ceremonies, including memorial displays. Families tell us these special “touches” help make the final good-bye that much more meaningful. Cress Funeral Service specializes in commemorating the individuals who faithfully served our country. From the ceremonies you plan to the products you select, Cress Funeral Service can help you remember your military hero through a meaningful service.

A Unique Casket, Vault or Urn

Caskets in varying price ranges are now available, with designs that provide deep associations with the life you are commemorating. Interior panels may contain photographs, paintings or needlework that represent the things important to the person who has died. The hardware and other accents, too, can represent various themes such as the life of an outdoors person, a military veteran or a wife and mother. Personalized caskets and vaults are available in many price ranges, fabrications and colors. Engravings or artwork on an urn might depict outdoor scenes, religious imagery and other images of the person’s occupation, hobbies or interests.

Balloon Release

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Helping family and friends understand and deal with loss is not easy. A balloon release is a tangible way to help children and adults remember their loved ones. It gives the people present one last chance to say good-bye. At the end of the ceremony, the balloons are released into the air bringing closure to a beautiful tribute service.


Firework Displays provides memories filled with beautiful images you will cherish for a lifetime. Each of the services is built around a choreographed fireworks display. Fired into the sky as a part of the service, the cremains are scattered within the brilliant colors and patterns of the fireworks. This is a true celebration of a loved one’s life.

Dove Release

At the end of a graveside service, family members release the doves from decorated baskets. The flock ascends into the sky and circles the area awaiting the spirit of the loved one to join them. Moments later, a single white dove, representing your loved ones spirit, is then released by a family member. The spirit dove joins the flock of “Angels” and all together they make the spiritual flight home.

Butterfly Release

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Monarch butterflies can be released as a memory and celebration of your loved ones life. Many people believe that butterflies symbolize spirit, representing freedom and beauty as they take flight. When we experience the vital connection between butterflies and nature, we tend to instinctively feel that peace and harmony are truly around us.


Thumbies are a lasting memento. They are unique to the loved one who has passed away. Thumbies are a fingerprint for an adult or a hand or footprint for a child. The print is then kast into a precious metal, sterling silver or gold, and can be attached to a chain as a pendant or made into a key chain, cufflinks or tie tacks. Thumbies can also have a .05-carat birthstone added to them or even a genuine diamond.Thumbies can be purchased as a remembrance or given as a gift. They can be engraved with up to two lines of script or a third line can be added for an additional fee.

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