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Plans for Funeral Home and Cremations in Middleton, WI Can Be Arranged Pre-Need

Cress Funeral & Cremation Service is a full-service funeral home provider in Middleton, WI, and neighboring areas. We have been locally-owned and operated for over 137 years and up to this day, we have maintained the quality service that we can be proud of. We believe we have a special responsibility to respect the deceased's dignity, to support and guide the family during their loss, and to inspire memory with each family according to their particular customs, culture, and financial resources. Cress Funeral & Cremation Service has been enriched and blessed with a caring and compassionate staff that truly are involved in our communities and want to make a difference in people’s lives. Call us today at (608) 238-3434 or schedule a visit to our 8 locations.

Maybe you’ve heard? Making plans for your own future needs regarding funeral home and cremations in Middleton, WI, is easier than you might think. There are many online questionnaires and guides if you want to take your time to think about things. The qualified staff at Cress Funeral & Cremation Service can help you with our online pre-planning form or during a scheduled appointment.

Pre-need plans can be commenced when your own (or a close loved one’s) death is approaching. If a terminal diagnosis has been given, it may be worth having some conversation around this topic. Getting on in years can also be accompanied by failing health. If that pattern is developing, it can be a natural time to think about this. Even if extensive plans are not made, having a starting place can bring a lot of relief to the surviving loved ones.

What many people do not realize is that pre-arrangement planning can be completed for younger, healthy adults too. Plan specifics could be finalized enough to pre-purchase the service package as well. If this occurs several years before death, the savings difference of current and future pricing could be significant.

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Learning About Funeral Home and Cremations in Middleton, WI

If you are going to plan ahead, you will want to know a bit more about what is available to select. There are several kinds of services that can be chosen between or added to each other. It is good to think about what you want to have prepared on your behalf.

  • Embalming: This process helps to clean and extend the viewing window of the departed through temporary preservation. Embalming can only be performed by licensed individuals. This service is usually a requirement if a public viewing will be held.
  • Funeral: This is an honoring ceremony that could be traditional or modern. It might be held at the funeral home, a church, or even a residence. Other venues could also be considered. A full service may include a funeral wake (or viewing) before the ceremony. After the funeral is completed, the remains will be transitioned to their final disposition setting unless cremation is set to take place next.
  • Memorial: Often, this service could be a bit simpler in scope than a funeral service. It can be every bit as healing, and wonderful no matter how large or small a service is. Memorials are unlike funerals because the remains of the deceased are not typically in attendance. In other aspects, the memorial is similar to a funeral service.
  • Cremation: This is a process that takes the intact form of departed remains to sand-like particles that are usually called ashes. Each cremation is processed for only one person at a time. Extensive safeguards are in place with reputable firms to assure there is no room for human error. Since cremation is a permanent process, there is often a mandatory waiting period before the service can be legally performed. It is not generally considered an honoring ceremony or service, though it is dignified and respectfully handled.
  • Burial: Some people are surprised to learn about the scope of variation that can be chosen for burial solutions. Cemetery family plots are very traditional and often a perfect choice. Urn plots are available for the interment of cremated remains. Above-ground entombment can also be selected for casketed remains or cremated ashes. If that is desired, look for an establishment that offers mausoleum or crypt burial for caskets or a columbarium for ashes.

Making Room for Family or Faith Traditions to Create Healing Ceremonies

It is vital to find a provider who can support individuals from every walk of life. They must have the connections and compatibility to work with any faith tradition or lifestyle that is applicable. Tradition can be very comforting since it feels familiar and safe. When you are working towards these plans surrounding funeral home and cremations in Middleton, WI, be sure to ask about any accommodations your family may require on your behalf when the time comes.

A word of caution. Some people feel that having ceremonies for themselves is a waste of time and resources. Please remember that when the time comes for your own services, they are as much (or even more) for your grieving loved ones as for you. Having at least some style of event to remember your life will be a great support to them. Don’t take that away from your family when they are hurting.

Make the Call to Pre-Arrange Today

Pre-need arrangement is a choice that can bring peace of mind to you right now. Your closest loved ones will have the benefit of your kind forward-thinking at a very tender time. If you are ready to consider your own needs for a funeral home and cremations in Middleton, WI, call Cress Funeral & Cremation Service to get things settled.

Funeral Home and Cremation FAQs

What is the difference between cremation and direct cremation?

The interval between death and cremation is the fundamental difference between traditional cremation and direct cremation. As cremated remains are known, the body will be delivered to the family later. Cremation on the spot. The body is transferred immediately from the hospital or morgue to the Crematory with direct cremation. Learn more.

What does it mean when your grave is green?

Green (or natural) burial emphasizes environmental sustainability and simplicity. No chemicals, such as embalming fluids, are used in the preparation of the body. It is simply wrapped in a biodegradable shroud or coffin and buried without the use of a concrete vault. The gravesite has been left to revert to its natural state. Learn more about green burial.

What helps with grieving?

  • Allow yourself some time. Accept your emotions and remember that grief is a process.
  • Talk to other people. Spend time with family and friends.
  • Make sure you look after yourself.
  • Return to your favorite pastimes.
  • Participate in a grief support group.

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