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Pre-Need Planning for Funeral Home and Cremations in Madison, WI

Cress Funeral & Cremation Service is a caring funeral home that provides funeral and cremation services in Madison, WI, and nearby areas. Locally operated for more than 137 years, we believe we have a unique responsibility to honor the dignity of the deceased, to aid and counsel the family in time of grief, Every member of our staff has been selected for their specific fitness to the high standards that the Cress Family has maintained. We are committed to being here every step of the way for the bereaved in our communities when they need us most. Call us at (608) 238-3434, (608) 249-6666, or (608) 238-8406 for all your funeral and cremation needs.

Making plans for future services for a funeral home and cremations in Madison, WI, is gaining popularity. This topic can make us feel squeamish at first blush, but it's actually a really smart thing to consider. Sometimes death is expected. When a terminal diagnosis or advanced age pairs with failing health, we know what is coming. During this tender time, if no plans have been recorded, it might be helpful to begin choosing arrangements that will suit the individual.

In contrast, final arrangement selections could be chosen many years in advance of the time of death. If you have had the experience of creating services for someone when there were no pre-plans, you probably understand that this can be a stressful experience. If no verbal conversations can be recalled and no plans saved, there is a great deal of guesswork that falls to the closest living relatives. This can be avoided if even a few selections have been made.

Another reason making plans sooner than later can be beneficial is when the pre-purchase of services is also completed. When the monetary transaction for services can be fulfilled now, the rates paid are those that are charged currently. So if many years pass before the need is realized, the cost savings could be substantial.

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Understanding the Differences Between Funeral Home and Cremations in Madison, WI

It’s worth taking a little time to talk about what a funeral service can entail and how cremation services differ. This can help you think about your own desires and needs for future services. To begin with, keep in mind that these services can dovetail quite nicely.

A full-scale traditional service with all of the bells and whistles includes the embalming of the body. This allows for a public display at a viewing and visitation meeting before the funeral service. Embalming gently cleans and temporarily extends the timeline before natural deterioration sets in. It is most effective when the process is begun shortly after death.

Did you know funerals can be held in a variety of venues? Funeral chapels are an excellent place to have services. Many churches support funeral service meetings for their patrons as well. Funerals may be held at a private residence. When choosing the venue, you will want to think about how many people are attending and the accessibility or special accommodations that are needed for your group.

Funerals are distinct from other types of honoring services by having the body of the departed individual present during the service. The body is often held within a closed casket during the funeral, though other options could be chosen. The event itself pays tribute to the deceased. After the funeral service is complete, the body will be interred at the cemetery or memorial park that has been chosen. Alternatively, the body could be transferred to be cremated at this point.

  1. Cremations physically change the remains of the deceased into a fine ash form. This procedure occurs by incinerating the body at very high temperatures. After the chamber cools, any fragments and residual particles are collected and processed for consistency. The ashes are then placed in an urn and returned to the closest family member.

It is important to know that cremation is not actually an honoring ceremony, though it is done with great respect and dignity. If cremation is not going to be handled in conjunction with some type of public service, it’s called a direct cremation. Cremations work great just after funerals. They also fit nicely with memorial services.

Memorial services can be held instead of a funeral service. They do not require the deceased remains to be at the service. This is especially helpful if the memorial needs to be held at a later date. Delayed services could be required for a variety of reasons. Perhaps travel arrangements cannot be put together right away for families that are spread out over long distances. Public health moratoriums on gathering have also led to a rise in memorial services lately.

Honoring Family Traditions and Creating Healing Experiences

Regardless of what services are selected for future final arrangements around funeral home and cremations in Madison, WI, customizing the services to honor your unique family traditions is valuable. As you work with the funeral home, be sure to ask for support on these topics. Most funeral homes are equipped to honor people from every walk of life and faith. Traditional and modern customizations and selections are generally appropriate.

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  1. Making these arrangements for yourself or a loved one whose death is upcoming can bring a lot of peace of mind. When you need a qualified provider for funeral home and cremations in Madison, WI, place a call to Cress Funeral & Cremation Service. These death care industry professionals are prepared to help you put this plan in place.

Funeral Home and Cremation FAQs

Is it worth paying for your funeral in advance?

A funeral plan is a great way to be prepared for the unknown. If you have enough money set aside, it may work out in your favor because of how inflation has affected prices over time. The cost can rise so high that it becomes too expensive or impractical for family members and friends to purchase one later on behalf of their loved ones when they're gone and done with all the arrangements - which means no closure for them! Know more about pre-arrangement.

Is it worth getting funeral insurance?

For many older consumers, paying for a funeral is the only reason to buy life insurance. Burial insurance for seniors is often marketed to people who are on tight budgets and sometimes in poor health, and who don't have savings or other life insurance that their family can use if they die. Learn more.

What does Memorial service mean?

Memorial services are events in which people come together to honor and remember the person who has passed away. Memorials can be held for a variety of reasons, but most memorial service is subdued as participants dress conservatively and keep their voices down during the event. Learn more.

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