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When Death Occurs

“You have our sincere condolences. We want to help you and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week including all holidays.” Our caring and experienced staff will coordinate the next step and answer any questions that you may have.

Call (800) 235-9681

When Death Occurs at Home or not in a Medical Institution:

Under hospice care: Call your hospice nurse. They will confirm your loved ones death and consult with a physician if necessary. When you are ready, contact Cress Funeral Service, (800) 235-9681 for further information or assistance.

Not under hospice care:When a death occurs outside of a medical institution and the person is not under hospice care, then it is necessary to first call the coroner or medical examiner to confirm the death. This may be done by calling your local police or sheriff department (911). Once the coroner or medical examiner has arrived, let them know of your preference to contact Cress “Funeral Service for further information or assistance.”

Death in an Institution: When death occurs at a hospital or nursing home, the medical staff will generally take care of all necessary legal steps. All you would need to do is notify the staff which Cress Funeral Home will be handling arrangements so that they can have you sign any necessary release paperwork. When death occurs, they will contact us to make arrangements that we assume custody of the deceased.

Death out of state: If death occurs outside of Wisconsin, please call Cress Funeral & Cremations Service at (800) 235-9681. We will coordinate with a local funeral director at the place of death.   By being a member of several national associations, we can often save money by having our firm make the arrangements.

There are several other questions that you may have in regards to the death of a loved one. By contacting the Cress Funeral Home of your choice, we will assist you in answering any questions you have.

The Cress professionals will listen and review the many available options that best meet your preferences and financial needs. Cress Funeral and Cremation Service wants you to know that you are not alone. Let us help you.

Call (800) 235-9681 and please have the following information:
– Name and location of the deceased
– Your name, phone number, and the relationship of the person who will be in charge of making the arrangements with a funeral director.

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