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The Arrangement Conference

Preparing for the Arrangement Conference

Numerous decisions and choices will be made under the funeral director’s care and guidance. These choices will be discussed and clarified at the arrangement conference. Often several family members will attend the conference, possibly even a friend of the family or a valued clergy member.

Your funeral director will need certain documents and information in assisting you and your family to plan a meaningful service of remembrance. These documents will also be used in the preparation of legally required documents.

Please consider gathering the following items for the arrangement conference with your funeral director:

  • Discuss types of service options with family members
  • Call any family members who may be traveling out of town
  • Contact clergy regarding availability and to help plan the ceremony
  • Biographical information for the obituary notice. This information will also assist in the preparation of the death certificate and other necessary documents. Please include maiden names.
  • Social Security number
  • Veteran’s discharge papers
  • Cemetery information if selections have already been determined
  • Life insurance and employee benefits information that may apply
  • Select clothing for burial or cremation
  • If a viewing is desired, consider bringing glasses, lipstick, perfume, nail polish or jewelry
  • Select a photograph or a collection of photographs that could be used in the newspapers, video tribute, photo boards, memory candle or memorial cards. Some of this can also be gathered after the conference for your convenience


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