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Quite simply, advance funeral planning is a gift. A gift for those you care for most. A gift that’s priceless, immeasurable and sincere. It is the gift of making a difficult time, a little bit easier. Advance funeral planning is the process of discussing, defining and recording your specific and unique funeral wishes with your funeral home provider long before the services, ceremonies, traditions and rituals are needed. These kinds of important choices and decisions are better made at a time before the need arises, when most of us think more clearly.

Those who pre-plan allow for their families and loved ones to be focused on what’s most important to each other and their journey through grief into healing. Advance planning allows you to resolve your most personal matters with a clear mind, in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Together with your funeral home you can decide what type of service you want and how much you want to spend. You can prepare a few details or every moment. Each aspect of the planning is completely up to you and in your control.

Every year, hundreds of Dane county families meet with our Advance Planning Team to begin their own planning, or even start with the an online pre-planning form.

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Planning Advice

If you’re considering advance planning, Cress Funeral Service has a licensed advance planning specialist on staff that can assist with this very important matter. We invite you to contact us.

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It is important that your funeral home file include your personal vital statistics.
This information is used to fill out legal forms, required documents, and permits.
It is also recommended to put together some obituary ideas – as this will also be helpful to your loved ones.


This step is about mapping out exactly what you would like for your funeral services. This will include noting the type of service, the form of disposition, specific merchandise and details. Meeting with one of Cress Funeral Homes Advance Planning Consultants is essential is creating the guide. Our Planners know all of your options and can help you design the type of service that is unique to you and your personal choices. To prepare for your visit – please take a moment to look over the “getting started” questions.

Downloadable Getting Started Guide


Once you’ve created and designed the service that meets your needs and your family’s needs – it’s important to determine how those wishes will be funded. The Cress organization has a very specialized plan that allows for a cost guarantee. The plan will allow you to pay today’s prices for tomorrow’s event. The plan is easy to activate and offers several ways for payment, including payment plans that range over 3, 5, 7, and 10 years. This program will allow you to keep the funeral costs within your budget and will relieve any financial burden for your family or loved ones. Again, meeting with one of Cress’s Advance Funeral Planning Consultants – will give you the opportunity to see what payment options are available and how to get enrolled in the program.

More information:

  • Did you know? It’s The Law
  • Learn about the Cress Cost Protection Plan
  • All three of these pieces can be done separately or together.
  • Your complete funeral plan can be accomplished with one simple visit.
  • We can come to your home, or you can come to ours.
  • Each step makes things much easier for your survivors and loved ones.
  • Our Planning Program is free and thorough.

Next Steps

Here are a few beginning questions to get you thinking about funeral plans.  Once you’ve taken the time to explore the answers you’re ready to visit with one of our Advance Planning Professionals.

  • Who will be attending the funeral service??
  • What type of disposition– Burial, Cremation, or something else??
  • Which of your loved ones would need/want to view you for closure??
  • Where would you like your final resting place??
  • What is the overall feeling you’d like your family and friends to have when they leave the funeral event??

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