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Myths About Funeral Homes

Published: July 5, 2021

You might think you know a lot of things about funeral homes in Madison, WI, but is everything you think about those businesses really true? It’s nice to know the reality behind funeral homes so when you have to use one of them for final services for a loved one, you know what’s coming. Here are some myths about funeral homes and the real truth.

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Embalming Is Required

If you are going to have a funeral for a loved one, you might think that your loved one is required to be embalmed. That’s not the case. Whether you do a funeral or a cremation service, embalming is not required. Most people who are going to have a funeral and visitation do end up going with embalming because it helps to preserve their loved ones for those services. However, embalming is never required. You get to choose the services you want for your loved one and the funeral home cannot tell you that you have to embalm that person.

Funerals Are Unaffordable

While funerals can be high in cost if you want lots of bells and whistles on them, they can also be affordable if you go with something simple. There are costs to these services, but you want to give your loved ones the honour and respect they deserve. If you look at funeral costs and you can’t afford the higher price tags, you can always go with the more affordable cremation. The funeral home is also willing to work with you on your budget to help you get what you need.

Pre-Planning Requires Pre-Paying

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More people are planning their final services ahead of time, and that’s a very nice thing to do for your family. Not only does it help your family know what you want, but it also gives you peace of mind that things are ready. Once you are done with the planning process, you can then pay for your services ahead of time—but you don’t have to. And the funeral home should never pressure you into thinking that it’s necessary to pay at that time.

Funerals Never Help With Grief

While funerals aren’t going to be the right option for every individual, they can help a great deal with the grieving process. They can give you closure over the death and a chance to say a final goodbye. They can also help you to gather together with your loved ones to get the support you need.

You Can’t Be Buried After Cremation

Cremation means you have a ton of options once the cremation process is over, including where you want your final resting place to be. Burial is absolutely an option. You can have a cemetery burial in a smaller plot, or you can be buried in another location.

When you need to use a funeral home in Madison, WI, it’s good to know the myths in some situations so you know the truth and can handle telling the difference between the real truth and myths. Cress Funeral & Cremation Service can help you with questions.

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